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Stand with our climate scientists

Stand with our climate scientists

PM Turnbull and Science Minister Pyne, reinstate the 350 climate scientists at the CSIRO.

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The CEO of CSIRO is sacking 350 Australian climate scientists from their ranks. Cutting 350 scientists will “gut” the climate program and leave some of Australia’s brightest climate scientists without a job. In 2016 he doesn't think we need climate scientists.

The CSIRO has pioneered some of the best climate models in the world, helping us adapt and prepare for extreme weather, El Nino, drought and storms. To slash their numbers at a time when the urgency of understanding, adapting and responding to climate change has never been greater suggests that the Government does not want to hear the facts.

“It’s a catastrophic reduction in our capacity to assess present and future climate change. It will leave us vulnerable to future climate change and unable to take advantage of any positives that result.” - Andy Pitman, the director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at the University of NSW

If Turnbull was serious about innovation, he would think twice about what sort of future he wants to leave for our generation. 

We are working with the public sector union as we fight to keep these 350 scientists at the CSIRO. We'll be sending a delegation of CSIRO scientists, climate science students, farmers and firefighters to Canberra to meet with the PM following the Federal Budget. 

Tell Turnbull to use his power to reverse this decision and reinstate the 350 scientists at the CSIRO.

Here's a message from Nadine Flood (CPSU), Ged Kearney (ACTU) and Kirsty Albion (AYCC):


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