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Repower Our Schools Has Just Launched

Repower Our Schools Has Just Launched

Repower Our Schools is a new campaign launched by the Switched on Schools high school program! It’s a fantastic way for any student, teacher or school to get involved in a local campaign to take on climate change and lead the transition to sustainability - whether that’s installing solar panels or committing to reducing energy use. Repower Our Schools encourages student leadership in 3 easy steps:

Students Lead: a campaign in their school to build momentum for climate action in their community.

Pledge to Repower: Students get their school and principal to publicly pledge to be part of the Repower our Schools movement.

Celebrate: Students will share their stories of how their school is leading the way, and get other schools pumped to join too.

This unique student led model means that the reach of Switched on Schools is no longer limited by the locations of our summits, and our volunteer network is always ready to offer support and encouragement to help students have the biggest impact to drive climate action in their communities. If you want to sign the Repower our Schools pledge, or you're a teacher interested in having your school take part, check out the new site, it has loads of info and resources to get you started: