Repower our Schools across Australia

Across the country, hundreds of students have been leading campaigns to repower their schools with renewable energy, and making the switch to sustainability. There are now over 120 high schools across the country involved with the campaign - building groups, raising awareness and building momentum for climate action in their school and community.

This year we are aiming to use the power of high school students to build momentum for renewable energy in communities across Australia, demonstrating to local and state decision makers the need for resources and support for schools to switch to clean energy. Through the Student Climate Action Network and Student Climate Leadership Program, we will be empowering students to meet and engage with local decision makers to showcase their Repower our Schools campaigns, as well as run creative community actions about renewable energy to demonstrate broad support for climate action.

Get your school involved with the renewable energy revolution today by working with your students to start a Repower our Schools campaign online.


If your school is already running a renewable energy campaign, we would love to connect with you and talk about how we can amplify and support the amazing work you are doing! Get in touch at ☀️☀️☀️