Repower our Schools across Australia

Across the country, hundreds of students have been leading campaigns to repower their schools with renewable energy, and making the switch to sustainability. There are now over 120 high schools across the country involved with the campaign - building groups, raising awareness and building momentum for climate action in their school and community. We have seen a 25% increase in the schools in our program who are installing solar, LED’s or other energy efficiency measures, with many schools forming successful partnerships with local renewable energy companies and working with local council sustainability programs to repower. Renewables for the win! ☀️☀️☀️

Want to support your school and schools across the country to repower with renewables? Add your voice to the Repower our Schools petition and get your students to sign up to lead a campaign to supercharge the transition to renewables in your school.

Wiley Park Girls High: CASE STUDY

Wiley Park Girls High, a school in Western Sydney, adopted the Repower Pledge in August, committing their school to install 100KW of solar and transitioning to LED’s. The students began the Repower our Schools campaign after attending the Canterbury Bankstown Switched on Schools summit in June, empowered to switch their school to renewable energy. They built momentum and support for the campaign through in school events, assembly presentations, a solar fundraiser and social media, gathering support from over 300 students and teachers. Their Repower Pledge event was attended by 5 local high schools, as well as the NSW Education Minister, who is very supportive of renewable energy, and congratulated the students on their amazing climate leadership. Since the pledge, students at Wiley Park have seen the installation of 100KW of solar and are in the process of switching all their lights at the school to LED’s.