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Budget fail - Stand up for renewables against polluters!

Budget fail - Stand up for renewables against polluters!

Prime Minister Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten put our future first by funding the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, reversing the billion dollars that has been cut, and commit to ending the $7.7 billion polluting fossil fuel subsidies in the budget.


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The Turnbull Government’s budget is giving $7.7 billion worth of subsidies to polluting fossil fuels, and kept the billion dollar cuts to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency - a fund that helped build Australia’s biggest solar farm.


This budget fails our generation by not acting on global warming - it’s turning up the thermostat when we’re already seeing record bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and record-breaking heatwaves. We need our politicians to stop handing out money to polluters and to fund the transition to 100% renewable energy.


Despite taking big steps forward last week in announcing their climate policy, the Opposition has not yet committed to ending fossil fuel subsidies and protecting funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.


Sign the petition asking the Prime Minister to end fossil fuel subsidies and reverse the cuts to the Renewable Energy Agency and call on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to do the same.