Power Shift 2017 - Australia's biggest youth climate summit

For 3 days in July, AYCC and Seed are holding Power Shift - Australia’s largest youth climate summit, bringing together 700-1000 young people from all walks of life will come together to learn, grow, and get fired up to take action to solve the climate crisis.

And we want high school students from across the country to come along!! Registrations are online at: www.powershift2017.org.au

We would love you to encourage and support students from your school to register to attend - it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to:

  • learn more about climate change

  • become more active in our communities

  • gain great skills in leadership

  • connect with youth around Australia to build a nation-wide movement

At the AYCC and Seed we don’t want costs to be a barrier for young people participating in Power Shift, and are super excited to announce that we have 150 scholarships available for high school students!! We will offer two rounds of scholarships, the first will be allocated by the 5th of May and the second by the 16th of June - so encourage your students to get in quick to avoid missing out! https://powershift2017.org.au/page/scholarships

We strongly encourage young people to seek sponsorship and donations from the local community - a fundraiser at school, write a letter to your local MP or reach out to local community groups who would like to support high school students attend Power Shift. Check out our handy Power Shift fundraising guide here and stay tuned for Power Shift fundraising tips in the coming weeks.