Power Shift: Our Generation Can’t Wait!

For those who haven’t heard or experienced a Power Shift, here’s the low-down: Power Shift is our national summit run by young people, for young people. 700-1,000 AYCC and Seed participants will come from universities, high schools and communities right across the country to get the skills they need to take action on climate change. This three day summit will catapult young people into the climate movement and show them they're part of something huge and powerful!

During Power Shift young people will hear from keynote speakers, participate in skill building workshops and campaign planning sessions, while building lifelong networks and friendships. This is an opportunity for passionate young people to build the skills and confidence they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. By providing young people with everything they need to organise and mobilise their peers, Power Shift will strengthen the youth climate movement. It will supercharge AYCC and Seed's capacity to move Australia beyond coal, oil and gas and into the age of 100% renewable energy!

Make no mistake, pulling of Power Shift is a massive undertaking. We’re aiming to have 100 scholarships available to break down barriers and increase diversity within the climate movement. Sponsoring one young person from a remote or Indigenous community to attend Power Shift costs roughly $1,000. Want to fund a Powershift Scholarship? Follow this link: https://aycc.nationbuilder.com/powershift_donate