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Power Shift 2013

Power Shift 2013

Held in July 2013, Power Shift was a 1,500 person convergence in Melbourne making it the largest climate summit in Australia's history.

Power Shift 2013 - Melbourne

In July 2013, 1500 young people converged on Melbourne for Power Shift 2013 - the largest climate summit in Australia's history. 

The three days included dozens of incredible speakers, panels and workshops. In addition there was a political Q&A with all three major parties, and huge media stunt in the Melbourne CBD. 

Power Shift was not just an event, but part of a wider global phenomenon. The summit was one of many that are taking place all around the globe. Young people around the world are starting to demand a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, to ensure a safe climate future. 

 "This is where the work of the climate movement really gets done" - Bill McKibben, founder

For photos of Power Shift 2013 check out the following Facebook albums: Day 1Day 2Day 3

And check out the 2013 Highlights video 


Tim Flannery 

Named Australian of the Year in 2007, Tim Flannery is one of Australia's best known climate scientists. His work as Chief Commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission is integral to informing Australians about the science behind climate change.

Samah Hadid

Samah is currently the Australian Director of The Global Poverty Project. A prominent and respected women's rights and anti-poverty campaigner, she has advised national governments and international organisations on these issues. 

Sam McLean

Sam got involved with GetUp! in 2007 as a volunteer with their UNSW group and is now their National Director. 

Koreti Mavaega Tiumalu

Koreti is the Pacific Outreach Coordinator for Growing up in Newtown, Wellington she represents those who will be most impacted by the effects of climate change.

Karen Skinner

Karen is the Campaigns Director of, one of the most prominent online petitioning platforms. She also previously co-ordinated Say Yes Australia in 2011, a campaign created to support the introduction of the carbon price.

Ginny Gerlach

Ginny is the backbone of the "Protect Keppel Bay" community campaign. She has been ardently working to protect the Great Barrier Reef and the Fitzroy Delta from the devastating impacts of coal exports.

Brianna Fruean

Budding environmentalist Brianna Fruean may only be 15, but she's already represented Samoa at two UNEP conferences and has been actively involved in her community, having organised climate rallies and marches as a corordinator for international climate organisation

Anna Rose

In 2005 Anna Rose was at the UN Kyoto Protocol climate negotiations in Montreal when she decided to set up the AYCC, an organisation to build a generation-wide movement of young people to solve the climate crisis before it was too late. Anna is now an author, speaker, and lecturer at ANU. 

Paul Gilding

Paul is the former executive director of Greenpeace. An activist and social entrepreneur for 35 years, Paul has been inspiring and motivating a global transition to sustainability. He works all around the world with individuals, businesses, NGOs and governments.

The views expressed in these videos are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of AYCC. 




On the final day of Power Shift...

1,500 people took over the streets of Melbourne to demonstrate to their politicians the level of action they want on climate change.

The action began with Australia's first ever meeting of the Youth Climate Cabinet, a meeting in City Square where young people showed the Federal Cabinet how climate action is really done. The ceremony included speeches and plenty of "hear hears". Concluding in the unfurling of a huge legislation banner reading out the policies young people want this election. 

After the conclusion of the Cabinet meeting, these young people carried the legislation through the city to the offices of Federal politicians. 

Together they made their message loud and clear: We need our politicians to aim higher on climate because our future is their mandate. 

Check out this incredible video of the action: