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Repower Port Augusta

Repower Port Augusta

Join the community-driven campaign for Australia’s first solar thermal plant in Port Augusta


Over the last two years we have been supporting the Port Augusta community’s campaign to replace their ageing coal-fired power stations with Australia’s first concentrated solar thermal plant with storage.  We are part of the Repower Port Augusta Alliance, an alliance that includes the council, community health groups, unions and environmental NGOs.

Port Augusta represents the intersection of the fight for a safe climate and the need to support coal communities transition to a clean renewable future.  In addition, replacing the coal stations with solar thermal will provide local jobs and the opportunity to move the community to a healthier future away from coal dust which has increased the rate of lung cancer in Port Augusta to twice the national average.  

We know that we need to move Australia to 100% renewable energy to solve the climate crisis – Port Augusta is the perfect place to start.


Walk for Solar

In July 2012 the Port Augusta community held a local vote asking people if they wanted solar thermal or gas to replace the town’s coal stations. Incredibly over 4000 people voted and 98% of them said they wanted a solar future for Port Augusta.  

This powerful call from the community put the issue on the state government’s agenda but we knew that we had to get national attention to make solar thermal a reality.

To do this 80 people embarked on the Walk for Solar a 328 km journey on foot from Port Augusta to Adelaide that ended with a 2000 person rally attracting national media attention and leading to the establishment of a state government select enquiry into building solar thermal in Port Augusta.

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