Pledge your time to #StopAdani

It's alleged that Adani have illegally & secretly drilled six bore water holes into the Great Artesian Basin in QLD, with no approval to do so - risking precious QLD water, with no consent from Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners.

Adani cannot be trusted and must be stopped. They are now closer than ever to building their mine, we need people to step up now more than ever.

People power can stop this mine and protect precious water and our climate from its terrible impacts. With your help this mine can be stopped in its tracks and we can protect our future from climate change.

Will you step up and pledge hours to #StopAdani? This could look like:

  • Marching on the streets,
  • Writing letters or making phone calls to politicians,
  • Having powerful conversations & doorknocking,
  • Making banners, signs or posters or
  • Creating spicy memes and viral videos.

0/10,000 volunteer hours pledged to Stop Adani!

Sign up to volunteer on the campaign. We need you!