The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Past Campaigns

Past Campaigns

Thousands of young Australians have participated in our campaigns, pushing for stronger climate action.

Youth Decide

Calling all high school students! Youth Decide is your opportunity to have your say about the future you want to grow up in!

Clean and Fair SA

Right now, we have the opportunity to create a fairer, cleaner South Australia through taking strong action on global warming.

Don't Risk the Reef

Right now the Great Barrier Reef and our climate is at risk from plans to build the world’s biggest coal port in Reef waters at Abbot Point, 50km from the Whitsundays.

Federal Election 2013

The Government we elect will be in power when we need to peak emissions in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. That’s why it’s more important than ever for young people to make our voices heard and make sure our leaders are ambitious and aim higher on climate.

100 people. 328 km. 15 days.  1 solar thermal plant.

Walk for Solar

In September 2012, 100 people walked for fifteen days to show their support for investment in Australia's first ever solar thermal plant. Our efforts put the national media and political spotlight on this issue.

Renewable Generation

Tell the Federal Government and the Senate not to cut billions of dollars of investment in renewable energy, risking thousands of jobs.

Safe Climate Roadmap

The Safe Climate Roadmap is a vision of the ambitious action we need to secure a safe climate future: reduce our pollution at least 40% by 2020; transition to 100% renewable energy within 10 years; and move beyond coal and gas.

Power Shift 2013

Power Shift was a life-changing convergence of 1,500 young people and was the largest climate summit in Australia's history. The three days included incredible speakers like Tim Flannery, James Hansen and Xena: Warrior Princess, panels and inspiring workshops.

Save the Reef

There are currently proposals on the table to build a staggering nine new coal ports in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Combined, these projects would mean game over for the climate and destroy huge sections of the reef - we have the opportunity to change the game.

Giving young people a chance to have their say on climate policy

Youth Decide

Giving young people a chance to have their say on climate policy

Youth climate summits that have inspired a movement of young people.

Power Shift ('11, '10, '09)

Youth climate summits that have inspired a movement of young people.

Lend Lease

Lend Lease, one of Australia’s biggest construction companies, has always been a leader on climate change and sustainability - which is why we were shocked to learn that its senior management is considering financing the most damaging coal port planned on the Great Barrier Reef coast.