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Welcome to the Paris Talks!

Welcome to the Paris Talks!

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Welcome to the Paris Talks!

Welcome to our blog which will tell the story of 5 young Australians who have managed to find ourselves in Paris at the UN Climate Talks, otherwise known as COP21!

It’s the biggest meeting of world leaders since 1948, and we’ve got a momentous, crazy and confusing two weeks ahead of us. We want to share it with you!

But first, we’d like to introduce ourselves!


Jaden Harris

Who: AYCC volunteer and politics student  

Age: 20

Interests:  Twitter, climate policy and journalists

My fashion sense is:  that of a keen journalism student

Motivation for coming to COP21: it’s an incredible opportunity for us to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future

Follow me on Twitter: @JadenHarris95






Moira Cully 

Who: AYCC volunteer and campaign organiser

Age: 21

Interests:  reading, community organising, Harry Potter and Kevin Rudd memes

My fashion sense is: Ellen Page

Motivation for coming to COP21: to make sure the rest of the world knows that our government is not doing enough to create a safe climate future for young people and vulnerable nations

Follow me on Twitter: @mkcully





Paul Gorrie

Who: Victorian State Coordinator for Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network and Kurnai-Gunai man

Age: 23

Interests: Listening to records, veganism, reading Kurt Vonnegut novels and Aboriginal rights movements

My fashion sense is:  like Ernest Hemingway but with New Balance sneakers

Motivation for coming to COP21: achieving climate justice and fighting for what’s right for my people and future generations

Follow me on Twitter: @paulgblaktivis1




Maddie Sarre

Who: AYCC volunteer and Law/History student

Age: 20

Interests:  social justice, breakfast foods and wasting time on Buzzfeed

My fashion sense is:  grunge but didn’t quite get there

Motivation for coming to COP21: to help build the global youth climate movement!

Follow me on Twitter: @MaddieSarre





Rachel Lynskey

Who: AYCC trainer and cycling advocate

Age: 23

Interests:  eating raspberries, watching Orange is the New Black and riding my bike

My fashion sense is: Blue is the new black

Motivation for coming to COP21: to meet passionate young activists from all around the world and bring the demands of young Australians for strong action on climate change to our government here in Paris

Follow me on Twitter: @lynsket1



And … what will we be actually doing in Paris?

We have 3 main objectives for COP21, and they are:

  1. To bring the Australian youth voice to the world stage and connect with other young people. We want to make sure the world knows that what the Australian government is doing on climate change doesn’t represent what our young people want.
  2. To remind our government that their 26% emissions reductions target is not acceptable, and that we should be doing our bit as the world moves away from fossil fuels and into the renewable future that we need.
  3. To elevate the voices of marginalised people who are often ignored in discussions on climate change. We especially want to make sure the voices of our neighbours in the Pacific, who are already losing their homes to rising sea levels, are heard.

We’ll be spending the week running around holding cheeky actions that get our message across!  

We’ll also have a chance to meet with politicians, meet other fantastic young people from around the world reporting what’s going on back to you!

You'll hear from us soon, but for now, yours in climate solidarity! 





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Wanting more from the Coalition on climate change this election

My name is Billy and I am a volunteer with the AYCC in Victoria. I first heard about the AYCC through a friend during a discussion we were having about potential volunteer opportunities. She recommended them highly, and with climate change being something I already had an interest in, I was soon signing my first petitions and then expressed an interest to volunteer.  

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April 27, 2016

The race to the top is on!

This morning the Labor Party announced its ‘Climate Change Action Plan’ in a significant step forward that puts the pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to tell us what he will do to transition Australia to 100% renewable power. Keep reading for a rundown of some of the key points and what they mean but first, here’s what you can do: