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Coral not coal - no taxpayer money for Adani

Coral not coal - no taxpayer money for Adani

Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Frydenburg, don't use taxpayer money to build a dangerous and unbankable coal mega mine

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This election, with the government and opposition trying to win over the votes of thousands of Australians, we need to make sure that they make commitments that reduce our pollution and keep fossil fuels in the ground. 

With Adani seeking to start digging their dangerous Carmichael coal mine this year, they are desperate to get finance from anyone - that includes Australian taxpayers. We're calling on the Federal government to make an election commitment to: 

Rule out any Federal government investment, including via the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund and the Future Fund, in projects that facilitate the mining and export of coal from the Galilee Basin. We also demand  a concrete transition plan to map the transition to 100% renewable energy and a transition plans for coal communities affected. 

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