The Australian Youth Climate Coalition



Why should I go on this trip?

If you care about climate change - yes
If you like an adventure - yes
If you want to meet other amazing young people working on climate change - yes
If you’re passionate about inequality and climate justice - yes

This once-in-a-lifetime trip is your chance to challenge yourself on the ultimate alpine trek and to take action against climate change. On this adventure, you will trek for 13 days through forest, across rivers and along narrow mule tracks to Everest Base Camp—the gateway to the highest mountain in the world. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it as you are constantly rewarded with inimitable vistas of the rolling and jagged Himalayas.

Why is AYCC doing this project?

In 2009, AYCC helped to organise a conference in Copenhagen for over 500 young climate change leaders from around the world. Here, AYCC’s Co-Founder Amanda McKenzie and previous National Director Ellen Sandell ran a workshop on how to start a youth climate coalition. They hoped to share with others their insights and experiences from starting the AYCC.

One attendee, Avishek Sthresha—a passionate climate advocate from Nepal—was so inspired, he founded Nepal Youth for Climate Action. In just two short years, NYCA grew into a powerful voice for sustainable development in Nepal and central Asia. Avi went on to work for the Himalayan Climate Initiative, and from here we developed our strong partnership.

What did the 2013 trip achieve?

Together, the 2013 Climb-it-for Climate participants raised $106,000 for HCI and AYCC, and assisted the delivery of HCI’s Hamri Bahini Green Angels project. 

The funds raised on the Climb-it for Climate 2013 were instrumental in allowing HCI to expand their Hamri Bahini Green Angels project. The project is a social enterprise that gives Nepalese women the skills needed to sustain a green business. Women are taught how to make and distribute cloth and paper shopping bags to help eliminate the use of plastic bags—a big contributor to Nepal’s current litter crisis. Through capacity building and gradual handover, the project will become a self-sustained cooperative and create over 200 new jobs for women. The funds also allowed the AYCC to continue to build our movement here in Australia.

When does registration close?

It’s first in, so get in quick! Last year the trip sold out in 5 days.