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Nothing has changed: Adani’s coal mine plans still put young people’s future on the line.

Adani announced today that the Carmichael mine will be rolled out in “stages”, making it easier to secure finance. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) is demanding political leadership from Labor to commit to stopping the mine before construction can begin.

Alexandra Fuller
November 01, 2018


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Victorian LNP takes the first step for solar schools

Young Victorians have today welcomed commitment from the Victorian Liberal party to support schools with funding for solar power, yet are calling on both major parties to go further and implement a comprehensive plan for renewable energy in schools.

Alexandra Fuller
October 25, 2018

Young Australians won’t stand for climate inaction, Wentworth was a sign of change to come.

Saturday’s result in the Wentworth by-election demonstrated a dramatic swing against the Government’s inaction on climate change, with climate change being a number 1 issue.

Alexandra Fuller
October 22, 2018


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