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High school leaders in Western Sydney call for renewable energy transition

180 students from 17 high schools across Western Sydney hold a Climate Justice Youth Parliament in Granville, calling on political leaders to drive the renewable energy transition.

Alexandra Fuller
June 20, 2018


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Queensland Government kidding themselves with meaningless climate policy

The Queensland Government are kidding themselves if they think they can go carbon neutral by 2050, while pushing through Adani’s dangerous coal mine.

Kelly Mackenzie
July 12, 2017

Literally no one wants to take on the risk of funding Adani’s dangerous Carmichael coal mine.

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition welcomes the move by the Queensland government to rule out being used as a middleman for the Turnbull government’s $1 billion handout for coal mining billionaire Adani.

Kelly Mackenzie
July 12, 2017


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