The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Our Story

Our Story

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have looked after this land sustainably for tens of thousands of years, this gives us hope that we can do it again.

This is why Indigenous communities need to be front and centre of our efforts to solve climate change - and why at the AYCC it is our responsibility to ensure that Indigenous youth are leaders of our generation-wide movement.

Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network. Our vision is to build a movement of Indigenous young people taking action on climate change and to show that leadership is the most powerful when it comes from the community.

Seed is a network of Indigenous young people who care about climate change, have access to the skills, training and mentor support needed to run sustainability projects and campaigns in their communities and a platform to be heard on a national level.

In 2013,we brought together 30 Indigenous youth to attend AYCC’s Power Shift - our largest delegation of Indigenous youth yet. In 2014, our plans are even more exciting and ambitious.