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No dredging, no way.

No dredging, no way.

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Make your voice heard on dredging the Great Barrier Reef.

When the Queensland Government announced it would dredge the Great Barrier Reef and dump the spoil on the precious and protected Caley Valley Wetlands, we were shocked. It's the same coal port, the same World Heritage Area and the same risky project.

This project has been fast-tracked and Campbell Newman wants dredging to begin as early as the 2nd of January (!!). In order to do this, Greg Hunt must turn around the fastest ever approval for a very financially and environmentally risky project.

Greg Hunt still has the power to stop the Great Barrier Reef from being dredged and you still have the opportunity to have your say.

Write a submission about the Abbot Point project before 5pm tomorrow (Thursday 18th). Write a short submission and email it to

It doesn’t have to be long, just your key points about why you draw a line in the sand at dredging the Reef, dumping in World Heritage wetlands and opening up the carbon bomb that is the Galilee Basin.

Young people have a right to be heard on this issue. The coal in the Galilee Basin must stay in the ground if we want to avoid the worst climate impacts.

For more information on the project head to the Queensland Government website: