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PETITION: Don't use public funds to wreck the Reef and climate.

PETITION: Don't use public funds to wreck the Reef and climate.

QLD & Federal Governments: Don't use taxpayer money to build a dangerous and unbankable coal mega mine

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Don't use public money to risk the Reef and our climate with mega coal mines

Adani has been trying for years now to dig up the coal in the Galilee Basin. We know that this project will wreck the Great Barrier Reef, and push us into dangerous levels of global warming. On top of this, it's not financially viable - the coal dollar is low and big international and Australian companies are backing away from the project, the Queensland Treasury has even said the project is "unbankable". 

There are 6 key decisions the state and federal governments have to make for these projects go ahead, so we have to show them that Australians think there is no place for Adani's dangerous coal mine. 

Here's what we're asking for:

Dear Tony Abbott, Annastacia Palaszczuk and members of the Federal and Queensland Government,

As a member of the community who is concerned about climate change, I request that you make a public commitment to rule out:

  • Approval of the Carmichael mine and Abbot Point dredging projects
  • Providing Adani with a royalty-free period or other direct or indirect subsidies for any element of their integrated Carmichael/Abbot Point project
  • Allocating public taxpayer funds from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund
  • Using Queensland taxpayers’ money to invest in the projects - state or federal.
  • Allowing construction or dredging to begin without Adani reaching financial close for the Abbot Point port, Carmichael mine and associated rail infrastructure.
  • Forcefully acquiring any Indigenous land.

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