The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Your Vote Counts!

Did you know that at the 2013 election, 25% of young people between 18 and 24 weren’t enrolled to vote?

With an election just around the corner, it's super important young people get on the roll to vote, because the decisions our politicians make today, are the one's we'll inherit in the future.

You don't automatically get registered to vote when you turn 18, and every time you move house you need to update your enrolment, so it's best to check you're up to date. 

Make sure you're enrolled to vote so you can make your vote count for action on climate change, clean renewable power and stopping new polluting coal, oil and gas projects

Click the button to go to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website to either update your enrolment or register to vote for the first time (it only takes 5 minutes!): 


So we know how many young people finish the process, make sure you come back and click 'I enrolled' below - that way we can let politicians know just how many young people are having a say this election!

Did you finish the enrollment process?