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News this Quarter

News this Quarter

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Tax Time is Here! Need a Receipt?

The end of financial year is upon us! All donations over $2 to the AYCC are tax deductible, and we would be happy to send you a receipt! Please email our Fundraising Manager Alicia at to request a receipt.

Stories from the 2016 Election Trail

We’ve just run a massive youth enrollment campaign, and according to the Australian Electoral Commission, a record breaking 200,000 new young people have enrolled this year! These young people can now vote on issues that matter to them, like climate change.

Now we are focusing on “climate blockers” - decision makers standing in the way of climate action - speaking to people in key electorates and holding creative forums, rallies and actions to cut through in the media.

On election day we know that 1 in 8 people's vote is undecided, so on the big day AYCC volunteers will be all over the country outside polling stations talking to people about how their vote matters to protect our future from global warming, and letting community members know where politicians stand on climate change.

If you want to join a local action to call on your community to vote for better climate policies, check out our events page to find an action near you:

Repower Our Schools Has Just Launched

Repower Our Schools is a new campaign launched by the Switched on Schools high school program! It’s a fantastic way for any student, teacher or school to get involved in a local campaign to take on climate change and lead the transition to sustainability - whether that’s installing solar panels or committing to reducing energy use. Repower Our Schools encourages student leadership in 3 easy steps:

Students Lead: a campaign in their school to build momentum for climate action in their community.

Pledge to Repower: Students get their school and principal to publicly pledge to be part of the Repower our Schools movement.

Celebrate: Students will share their stories of how their school is leading the way, and get other schools pumped to join too.

This unique student led model means that the reach of Switched on Schools is no longer limited by the locations of our summits, and our volunteer network is always ready to offer support and encouragement to help students have the biggest impact to drive climate action in their communities. If you want to sign the Repower our Schools pledge, or you're a teacher interested in having your school take part, check out the new site, it has loads of info and resources to get you started:

Seed Update: Protect Country Summit

With more than half the population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders under the age of 35, it’s our young people who are inheriting the consequences of today's actions, but who also have the power to create change.

Already this year we brought together over 80 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people for our Protect Country summit to build skills, share stories and make big plans. And right now we're turning these plans into action in communities across the country, and making sure our young people have the skills and support to fight for climate justice.

If you are, or know any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander young people who might be interested in getting involved with Seed, please send them to

Amazing things our donors are up to!

At AYCC and Seed, we love standing side by side with donors who make everything we do possible. So we decided to ask, what other amazing things are you doing for the environment?

We found Michael Henderson among your ranks, the Director of Solar Calculator, which provides “independent, accurate results so that people can reliably weigh up the benefits of going solar.” Pretty groovy, right?

Solar Calculator is an independent online solar consultancy that helps you make an informed decision about solar panels and batteries. The site gives reliable results in measuring costs, savings and the reduction in greenhouse emissions, and is a wealth of information on converting to solar energy. Also, for existing solar owners the site provides a solar battery calculator to evaluate your households battery storage.”

As young people, we want to speed the transition to 100% renewable energy. We hope you’ll check out Solar Calculator to see how much an impact transitioning your home to solar could make!

Do you have an awesome initiative to tackle climate change? Let us know! Email Liv at