The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

#EarthtoTurnbull - Time for some action!

#EarthtoTurnbull - Time for some action!

Errrr Earth to Malcolm....

As world leaders meet in Paris for the UN climate summit, our Prime Minister continues with the previous Abbott Government's dangerous climate policies. And while Turnbull talks about a commitment to keeping global warming below 2 degrees, his government is still approving new coal mines that destroy local communities and damage the climate.

The climate summit in Paris is an opportunity for Australian people to show the Turnbull government just how out of step they were with the rest of the world and with us. 

Can you create a video message for Malcolm Turnbull? 

It only needs to be short, but it will have a huge impact. Here are some questions you could ask: 

  • Why do care about climate change?
  • Why do you want Australia to do more in Paris?
  • What’s your message to Malcolm Turnbull?

You can film it on your phone or camera, then upload it to Facebook or YouTube and tag Malcolm Turnbull and #EarthToTurnbull in your post. Alternatively, you can just send your videos straight through to and you might make it into our national video mashup!