The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

We're under attack

We're under attack

To Environment Minister Hunt,

We are asking you to reject the ideological changes proposed in the Report from the Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations.

We believe that the environment is best protected by a range of activities, and that the government should not dictate to organisations how best to achieve their charitable purpose.

The government shouldn’t be making it harder for young people to have their say on crucial issues like climate change. It’s our future at stake, and silencing charities is counterproductive.

Australians want to move on from Tony Abbott’s ideological attacks against the environment and the people who defend it. Environment Minister Hunt must commit to throwing out any recommendations that attack our ability to stand up for the climate.

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Goal: 500 signatures

Our ability to exist is under attack. Yesterday, amid the noise of the budget, the Federal Government released a report on the Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations, and hidden amid administrative changes, was one very big, very political change.

Coalition MPs have threatened that we will lose our tax deductibility unless we agree that a quarter of every one of your donations has to be spent on “revegetation, wildlife rehabilitation, plant and animal pest control, land management, and covenanting”.

This is about more than the environment. A healthy democracy needs a vibrant civil society and governments can't be allowed to punish those who stand up to them. Can you sign this petition today to tell Environment Minister Hunt to reject these ideological changes?

The AYCC exists for young people to fight for a safer, fairer and cleaner future.  But we, as young people, have been singled out - the AYCC is even mentioned by name in the report as an organisation that would be heavily affected by these changes.