The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

State Co-ordinators

State Co-ordinators

WA Coordinator

Dean is the State Coordinator for WA and firstly heard of the AYCC through friends and attended the Perth Power Shift in 2011. His passion for science and technology lead him to University and learning about climate science and the effects climate change will have on civilisation and the planet. Since the Perth Power Shift the spark to do something was ignited and he became involved with the Perth Central Action Group as the Convenor and then become the State Coordinator in 2015.

SA Coordinator

Lovisa has been involved with AYCC since 2010, including as Grassroots Coordinator and member of the AYCC delegation to the 2012 UN climate change negotiations in Qatar, which to this day still remains the most surreal experience of her life. She is constantly inspired and motivated by climate movements all over the world, from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Middle East, and is incredibly grateful that she is part of an organisation which embraces and fights for climate justice everyday. Lovisa also studies politics and French, and in her free time can be found writing, trying and failing to keep plants alive, and drinking too much coffee.

TAS Coordinator

 Katherine became state coordinator for the AYCC at the start of 2015 after being involved for two years. Having spent much of her childhood in the outdoors of Tasmania, Katherine has a deep appreciation of the land around her. This is what lead her to getting involved with the AYCC. She is not only incredibly passionate about climate justice but loves running, outdoor activities and food too. 

VIC Coordinator

Phoebe first got involved in the AYCC through attending Powershift in 2013, then volunteering on the Safe Climate Roadmap and Don’t Risk the Reef campaigns. At the time she was also completing her Master of Environment degree, looking at the relationships between humans and the natural world. She found that volunteering offered a fantastic practical outlet to complement her theoretical degree. She took a break from the AYCC to study abroad at Uppsala University in Sweden, but always intended to come back to the organisation after completing study in 2015.  When not busy with AYCC work she enjoys reading novels, making photo albums, cooking, running, and exploring Melbourne and its surrounds.

QLD Coordinator

Originally from Cairns, David became involved with AYCC in 2013 after attending the Game Change Summit in Brisbane. Hearing about the plans for massive coal expansion along the Great Barrier Reef, David joined his university action group and quickly became the group’s convenor. Stepping up to become Queensland Universities Coordinator in 2015, he has worked on a number of campaigns engaging young people to protect the Reef and pursue climate justice. In his spare time, David studies Arts/Law majoring in Italian and International Relations.

NSW Coordinator

Mika first got involved with AYCC in 2015 when, as a biology student, she realised that changing hearts and minds was as essential as science when it comes to solving the climate crisis. She grew up in Perth spending a lot of her time outdoors and has always been fascinated by nature, especially Australia's unique wildlife. Mika was in the role of NSW's Schools Coordinator before stepping into the role of State Coordinator, and is inspired by all the incredible, passionate young people she has met along the way. She loves reading, drinking tea, and dancing. 

ACT Coordinator

Ngaire became passionate about climate change when she went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and saw the bleached coral there. She joined AYCC in 2013 where she heard about Adani's proposed coal mines on the reef. She has volunteered on a number of campaigns including the Don't Risk the Reef campaign. She was the ACT Campaigns Coordinator in 2015. Ngaire has recently finished studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Canberra. She also enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and running.

VIC Coordinator

James joined the AYCC after he attended a summer school on the economics of climate change at Oxford University. This experience was both inspiring and galvanising; the need to act urgently on climate change prompted him to look for ways to volunteer. He is close to finishing his Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University, where he's blended some arts with a lot of chemistry and maths. Away from AYCC and study, James loves teaching, travelling and going to concerts. You can usually find him at your local cafe for brunch.