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Send a message to CommBank shareholders

Send a message to CommBank shareholders

This year we have seen major institutions and funds moving away from old school fossil fuels. After public pressure from people like you, CommBank and NAB both moved away from investing in the Carmichael mine (πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘) and just this week have announced a policy of making decisions in line with keeping global warming below 2 degrees.

As CommBank's Annual General Meeting approaches on November 17, we want to send a message to the board of directors that their words need to be followed up with action - no new investments in fossil fuels!

Hold CommBank to this new policy by writing a message to shareholders that we'll hand on their way to the AGM.

We encourage you to write a message that is personal to you. Perhaps you might like to tell your story about why you care about climate change, but here are some examples to help you along:

  • Hey there, I am concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on our land and future, and I really believe that CommBank can be a leader in renewable investment
  • Hi! CommBank recently announced that they were committed to keeping global warming to 2 degrees. I was excited to hear that but I want the board of directors to follow up words with action.
  • As world leaders head to Paris to negotiate the global response to dangerous climate change, I reckon Australian banks can lead the way in making investment decisions that don't cost the earth.

Submit your message below and our volunteers will deliver your message on the 17th:

Your message for CommBank shareholders