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Mining Lease approved: Call the QLD Premier

Mining Lease approved: Call the QLD Premier

The Queensland Government were elected with a mandate to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Yesterday, they did the opposite. The Minister for Mining and Resources, Anthony Lynham alongside Premier Palaszczuk, caved to the interests of the fossil fuel industry and handed a 99-year mining lease to Adani to dig up the Galilee Basin

Call the Premier's office today and tell them what you think about Queensland Labor approving the reckless Carmichael coal mine while our Reef dies.

(07) 3719 7000

Here are some talking points: 

  • Hi my name is _____ from ____, I'm calling about the Queensland Government's recent approval of the mining lease for Adani's Carmichael coal mine.
  • I'm really concerned about this project going ahead. I think it's outrageous that a government that was elected with a mandate to protect the Reef, thinks it's ok to approve the world's biggest coal mine and ship it through the Great Barrier Reef. 
  • I'm really shocked by the photos coming in from coral scientists about the extent of coral bleaching in the northern part of the Reef. We know that coral bleaching is happening more often because of global warming, which is fuelled by projects like Adani's Carmichael coal mine. This just makes no sense from a Government that supposedly cares about the Reef.
  • I want the Premier to know that I stand with thousands of Australians across the country who are highly concerned about Adani's coal projects and that I will do whatever it takes to stop this project. 

Tell us how the call went