The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Tell Turnbull: more solar = more coral

Tell Turnbull: more solar = more coral

Great that you’ve chosen take this powerful action! You’re awesome :)

If you’ve never called a politician before, it can be a bit scary, but let me tell you, at the end it is the most satisfying thing you’ll do all day!

Call the office now: 

Canberra office: Tel: 02 6277 7700

Before you call, take a few breaths, think about what you want to say and remember that the people on the end of the phone are just doing their jobs.

We’ve put together some talking points to guide you through the conversation:

Talking points:

  • My name is [name] and I’m calling from [where you’re from]

  • I’m calling because on March 3rd we passed +2degrees of global warming for the first time in history and this week we have seen the Great Barrier Reef marine park authority issue a level 1 coral bleaching warning expecting bleaching the length and breadth of the Reef. This really concerns me because [why you care about climate change].

  • I want Prime Minister Turnbull to know that this election year I’d like to see commitments to 100% renewable energy and keeping fossil fuels in the ground and I’ll be getting involved in my community to make this a key election issue.

  • I want the Prime Minister to also know that I will be voting on climate change this year.

  • Ask them to pass on your message, thank them and then hang up

Now, so we know how many people called, let us know how the call went! 

Tell us how to call went!