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Call the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences - we want to stay Bjorn-free!

Call the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences - we want to stay Bjorn-free!

Flinders University has so far refused to go Bjorn-free. Students, academics, teachers and concerned members of the public have made it clear that Bjorn Lomborg is not welcome on campus, and to invite him to set up his "Consensus Centre" would be a huge reputation risk, and take us backwards in the climate conversation. 

With just weeks until the next Council meeting when the decision could be made, we’ve got to make sure the university does not make the mistake of allowing Lomborg at Flinders Uni. There is just one Executive Dean left that has not rejected Lomborg’s dodgy involvement at Flinders - Professor Phyllis Tharenou, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences - the faculty that could host the Consensus Centre.

We know that all the other faculties are against the appointment, and that Phyllis is the only one who is still considering hosting the Centre. All she needs is a nudge in the right direction.

Call her office: (08) 82012438

Send her an email: 

Here’s some examples of things you could say (remember to be friendly, she’s not the bad guy):

  • As a [student, alumni, teacher, concerned member of the public] I want to ask you to reject the hosting of Bjorn Lomborg and his Consensus Centre.
  • I firmly believe it will put students off from enrolling at Flinders and be damaging to the reputation of our university.
  • I know you care about high quality research and a high quality environment for your researchers. The hosting of this Centre will be damaging to the reputation and grant success of Flinders’ established researchers
  • I know that Flinders University holds academic integrity very highly. Lomborg has a very poor record of peer-reviewed research
  • Bjorn’s published work on economics and on climate change has been consistently critiqued by international academic researchers as being deeply flawed and as misrepresenting the work of scientists to fit his anti-climate action agenda
  • I call on you to vote no to the motion to accept the Centre at the next Council meeting.

How did the call go?