The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

G20 Billboard Design Competition

G20 Billboard Design Competition

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an entry and entering the AYCC Billboard Design competition you acknowledge that you are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the competition as outlined below.

Entries must be received by 5pm, Tuesday the 14th of October 2014 (AEST)

Late entries will not be accepted.

The competition winner shall assign to Australian Youth Climate Coalition in perpetuity all copyright in the image that is selected as the winning entry (“the image”).

There is one prize only (“the prize”), consisting of AU$200, which will be organised with the winner at the conclusion of the competition once the winner has been chosen and publicly announced and design sent to the billboard company.

You warrant that you own the copyright in the image and/or parts that comprise the image and are able to unimpeded assign copyright in full to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition may at its absolute discretion use part or the entire image for any purpose and in any form or manner.

Entry forms must provide complete contact information: your name, name of institution or design firm (if applicable), mailing address, telephone, and email. 

Submissions that do not meet the deadline or technical specifications will be disqualified.

A shortlist of entries will be posted on the AYCC Facebook page ( for people to vote on.

The winner will be notified by telephone and or email by October 17.