The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Amazing things our donors are up to!

Amazing things our donors are up to!

At AYCC and Seed, we love standing side by side with donors who make everything we do possible. So we decided to ask, what other amazing things are you doing for the environment?

We found Michael Henderson among your ranks, the Director of Solar Calculator, which provides “independent, accurate results so that people can reliably weigh up the benefits of going solar.” Pretty groovy, right?

Solar Calculator is an independent online solar consultancy that helps you make an informed decision about solar panels and batteries. The site gives reliable results in measuring costs, savings and the reduction in greenhouse emissions, and is a wealth of information on converting to solar energy. Also, for existing solar owners the site provides a solar battery calculator to evaluate your households battery storage.”

As young people, we want to speed the transition to 100% renewable energy. We hope you’ll check out Solar Calculator to see how much an impact transitioning your home to solar could make!

Do you have an awesome initiative to tackle climate change? Let us know! Email Liv at