The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Bill Shorten, Aim Higher

Bill Shorten, Aim Higher

Tell Bill Shorten that it's time for more ambition - not less

Call Bill Shorten’s office right now and tell him that we won’t wait until 2016 for action on climate change.

Here are some talking points to help you:

  • I am very concerned by the reports this morning that Labor may backflip and support repealing the carbon price. As a young voter, I want to see more ambition on climate from Labor - not less.
  • I want Labor’s climate policy to move Australia beyond coal and gas, invest in 100% renewable energy and reduce emissions in line with the latest science. And Labor must commit to building bi-partisan solutions during this term of Government - we can’t afford to wait until the next election.
  • We just witnessed the earliest start to a bushfire season ever in Australia, and earlier this month were warned by the IPCC that Australia’s southeast is a climate change ‘hotspot’ where we can expect to see an increase of extreme heat and bushfires.
  • If we don’t take the ambitious action needed now, then these impacts will become more severe and young Australians will be forced to pay the price.