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About our partnership with the Himalayan Climate Initiative

About our partnership with the Himalayan Climate Initiative

In 2009, AYCC helped to organise a conference in Copenhagen for over 500 young climate change leaders from around the world. Here, AYCC’s Co-Founder Amanda McKenzie and previous National Director Ellen Sandell ran a workshop on how to start a youth climate coalition. They hoped to share with others their insights and experiences from starting the AYCC. 

One attendee, Avishek Sthresha—a passionate climate advocate from Nepal—was so inspired, he founded Nepal Youth for Climate Action. In just two short years, NYCA grew into a powerful voice for sustainable development in Nepal and central Asia. Avi went on to work for the Himalayan Climate Initiative, and from here we developed our strong partnership.

Climate impacts in Nepal

Nepal is a global hot-spot for the impacts of climate change, with a very high risk of flooding and landslides due to glacial lake expansion, serious and recurrent floods and drinking water shortages.

Temba Sherpa, one of the two local climate guides who will accompany you on the trip, knows first hand how climate change is affecting Nepal. Temba has been climbing Mt Everest for the past twelve years (since he was 16), and has seen the impacts first hand over this time. Each day along the trail Temba will point out the changing landscape, how it used to be and where it’s headed. 

The Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI)

The Himalayan Climate Initiative is working to build a climate resilient, peaceful and prosperous Nepal and to construct a civil alliance among the mountain countries across the globe to effectively advocate against Climate Change.

With over 1500 volunteers and growing rapidly HCI is making a huge impact on the ground in Nepal.

Find out more about them here  


Four years ago at the UN Climate Talks in Mexico, AYCC met a guy called AVI from HCI, we shared lots of stories with each other about engaging youth and he went home and started a Nepalese youth climate movement. For years we’ve kept in touch and wanted to find a way that we could all work together, and from there Climb-it for Climate was born.

At the AYCC, we’ve always believed that it’s important to support the work of those who stand to be the most affected by climate change. With the recent IPCC climate report just out we know that it’s now more important than ever that we build the power of the international youth climate movement to make sure that our governments aim higher on climate.