The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

About AYCC

About AYCC

Our mission is to build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis before it’s too late

We believe that climate change is the single greatest threat facing humanity, and puts young people and future generations at risk. We also believe that addressing the climate crisis is our biggest opportunity to create a world that is more sustainable, just and fair.

We believe that the only way to solve the climate crisis is through a social movement - a groundswell of support and momentum that is powerful enough to inspire the change we need and hold decision-makers to account. This will require thousands of people committed to changing hearts and minds and willing to take deep action.

At the AYCC we believe that the best way to build this movement is to give young people the tools to make it happen. It’s our future at stake, and it’s our creativity and vision that will inspire those around us to act.

That’s why since 2007 we’ve helped thousands of young Australians take action in their schools, their universities, and their communities, and take part in campaigns that put climate change in the national spotlight.

The AYCC now has more than 120,000 members, 100 local groups, and more than 500 regular volunteers.

Our Values

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    We need a movement of young people  

    It is only through a huge, diverse and committed social movement that we will see the solutions to the climate crisis realised, and we believe that young people are a core agent of change in such a movement. 

    At every level AYCC is led by young people. AYCC empowers young people in their local communities to create change on a national scale.

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    We are inclusive and diverse

    All people will face the impacts of climate change and every community will need to be part of the solution. AYCC supports young people of diverse socio-economic background, gender, race, sexuality and religious and political beliefs to be part of the youth climate movement. We actively promote diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the organisation.

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    We want just and sustainable solutions

    At its core, the climate crisis is an issue of social and environmental justice. 
    We always take justice and sustainability into account in decisions we make – from the policies we support, through to our organisation’s own supply chain.

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    We’re ambitious and solutions-focused

    We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions in line with climate science, which means getting back below 350 parts per million and peaking global emissions between 2015 and 2017. We are also committed to focusing on solutions to motivate people to act. We believe that the climate crisis can be solved and will not shy away from the big ideas that are necessary for a sustainable future.

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    We’re political, but non-partisan

    We recognise that Government plays an important role in the rapid transition to safe climate, and we’re not afraid of running campaigns with a political element where it’s needed. We’re non-partisan, meaning that we don’t support one candidate or party over another – however we will judge them by their climate policies.

Our History and Governance

Since 2007, the AYCC has helped thousands of young Australians take action in their schools, their universities, and their communities, and take part in campaigns that put climate change in the national spotlight.

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The AYCC was formed as a coalition of Australia’s major youth organisations, and is now legally a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. We have a Board, Members, and Governators.

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