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Towards Paris - Australia's failing climate policy
August 31, 2015

Towards Paris - Australia's failing climate policy

The Abbott Government continues to pursue a 'coal is good' agenda on climate policy. As we head towards the International Climate talks in Paris in late November/early December of this year, it continues to put Australia behind the eight ball on the international stage when compared with a majority of other countries and their climate targets. By Nathan Atterton, SA.

Lessons from winning our biggest campaign yet!
August 07, 2015

Lessons from winning our biggest campaign yet!

Have you heard the amazing news? CommBank have fired Adani as a client and won’t be financing any part of Abbot Point or Carmichael coal mine!

All the symptoms of
August 04, 2015

All the symptoms of "Wind Turbine Syndrome" in one place

Thanks to First Dog on the Moon, we can see all the supposed symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome that you'll experience if you don't get paid to have wind turbines on your property. 


For the love of

From May 18-31, go without coffee, chocolate, or beer to raise funds to protect the Great Barrier Reef!

Dump your Bank

We can ensure Australia’s big 4 banks do the right thing by speaking in a language they understand: money. If banks know that funding fossil fuel projects will cost them customers, they won’t take the risk.

Climb-it for Climate 2015

This is your chance to challenge yourself on the ultimate alpine trek and to take action against climate change. On this adventure, you will trek for 13 days through forest, across rivers and along narrow mule tracks to Everest Base Camp.

Repower Port Augusta

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. With two coal-fired power stations closing, there is the opportunity to decide what they are replaced with: Australia's first solar thermal plants or a combined cycle gas plant.