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Iceland Adventures
July 15, 2014

Iceland Adventures

Two AYCC volunteers went on a once in a life time trip to Iceland, a hardy yet fragile country, a place that will be deeply impacted by climate change. 

The World Heritage Committee has cast its vote
June 19, 2014

The World Heritage Committee has cast its vote

It feels a little like we have been sent to the principal's office and told to raise our grades or we will be at risk of being expelled. 

Let's make the Sunshine Coast the solar capital of Australia
May 23, 2014

Let's make the Sunshine Coast the solar capital of Australia

High school students from the Sunshine Coast have an important message for Clive Palmer – be our climate hero!


Climb-it for Climate 2015

This is your chance to challenge yourself on the ultimate alpine trek and to take action against climate change. On this adventure, you will trek for 13 days through forest, across rivers and along narrow mule tracks to Everest Base Camp.

Lend Lease

Lend Lease, one of Australia’s biggest construction companies, has always been a leader on climate change and sustainability - which is why we were shocked to learn that its senior management is considering financing the most damaging coal port planned on the Great Barrier Reef coast.

Repower Port Augusta

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. With two coal-fired power stations closing, there is the opportunity to decide what they are replaced with: Australia's first solar thermal plants or a combined cycle gas plant.

Safe Climate Roadmap

The Safe Climate Roadmap is a vision of the ambitious action we need to secure a safe climate future: reduce our pollution at least 40% by 2020; transition to 100% renewable energy within 10 years; and move beyond coal and gas.