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December 20, 2015

Reflections on Paris

This is Maddie, Rachel, Paul, Moira and Jaden, a group of Australian young people who were in Paris for the UN Climate Talks. Just one week ago, “L’accord de Paris” was reached at COP21. It was an agreement for all countries to reduce their emissions, to strive to stay below 1.5 degrees warming and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Sitting at the back of the hall and trying to make sense of it all, we wrote down our thoughts, and so here they are. 

December 07, 2015

COP 21 - 1 week in!

Hello again! As the negotiations are starting to intensify, we'd like to give a bit of an update on what we've been up to during the first week of COP 21 in Paris!

The negotiations opened the week here in Paris riding on a great sense of optimism. There is incredible global momentum moving to a clean energy future, and no matter what happens here, this will not be stopped.

Progress was pretty slow and painful on a number of issues, but the text of the agreement has been cut down and the chance of an agreement is very high. The real question is: will it be fair and ambitious?

The key issue that we have been working on is influencing leaders as they decide whether we should aim to limit warming to 2 degrees or below 1.5 degrees. Vulnerable nations are leading the push for 1.5 degrees, since many of them are unable to survive in a 2 degree warmer world. As they defend their livelihoods, we as young people are standing in solidarity with them and pushing for 1.5 degrees too.

Everyone is exhausted, as evidenced by the fact that we haven't had a chance until now to write this blog post! People are falling asleep all over the place, at computers, in meetings, and in the negotiations themselves! But don't worry, nothing will stop us from fighting for climate justice! Here's what's been keeping us so busy:

December 06, 2015

COP21 Update: Australia leads on divestment

New Divestment numbers have increased the urgency for the Australian government to embrace a clean energy future.

Jaden Harris writing from the UN Climate talks in Paris #COP21


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