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8 Reasons Every Australian Should Join the Peoples Climate March

8 Reasons Every Australian Should Join the Peoples Climate March

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8 Reasons Every Australian Should Join the Peoples Climate March

It's kind of a big deal.

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1. Our Prime Minister won’t even bother turning up

Even though Tony will be in New York the very next day, he isn’t going to bother turning up to the UN’s Emergency Climate Summit. Obviously this is very embarrassing. It makes it even more important for Australians to show him that his refusal to act on climate change is politically dangerous. 

Here's Tony in a cowboy hat telling Texas coal barons that dealing with climate change should not get in the way of digging up coal:


2. The Great Barrier Reef shouldn't be a coal shipping super highway

When your government is intent on shipping millions of tonnes of coal through the jewel in the World Heritage crown - the Great Barrier Reef – you know things are out of control. Burning the coal beneath Queensland would make the state the 7th biggest polluter in the world and push the Great Barrier Reef beyond the point of recovery.

And look how majestic coral is – LOOK! You can’t destroy that!


3. It’s already too bloody hot here

Australia is the sunburnt country. We know all too well the feeling of sweaty summers and being too hot to function. Hotter days means more heat related deaths, more bushfires and more hideous sunburn. 


4. #australiansforcoal

It is no secret that there are a select few who benefit from Australia being one of the biggest coal exporters in the world - and most of the profits go overseas, and our land, our water and future bear the cost. Because when our elected politicians wear the merchandise of the coal industry on the floor of parliament, you know their influence has gone too far. 


5. Over half of Australia is under a mining licence - that's messed up

Including 80% of NSW and most of it in our drinking water catchments. They are literally digging up the whole country.  


6. Our Pacific neighbours are fighting back, so should we

 The Pacific Islands are at the frontline of climate change. Rising sea levels are already forcing people from their island homes and creating the world’s first climate refugees. But they are not conceding defeat. They are fighting for their futures and tackling the fossil fuel industry head-on. Support their fight here:

we are not drowning, we are fighting

7. Both beer and coffee are at risk from a warming climate!!

The two defining beverages of our nation - beer and coffee - are both under threat from a warming world. Coffee growing regions along the equator are already seeing decreasing yields and it is predicted that coffee will taste worse in a warmer climate. Beer on the other hand – is at serious risk. Cracking open a tinnie or enjoying an expensive craft beer will be more expensive as drought makes growing barley and hops more challenging.


8. To change everything, we need everyone

To demand the kind of changes we need to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to change everything, and we need everyone to be there to demand it. Change didn’t happen because people waited around for the most convenient moment, they took to the streets, organised their communities and took their destinies into their own hands. This is your chance to do the same. Be there:


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