Elizabeth Cowie

  • donated via 2017-11-09 23:15:21 +1100

    Chip in to block the massive handout to Adani's coal mine!

    Thank you for signing the petition!

    There’s ONLY 2 weeks left to make it an issue that’s impossible to ignore. 

    With your support, we can have

    • thousands of conversations in key electorates
    • chase politicians around asking them the hard questions, and
    • hold actions at MP offices demanding they do the right thing for our climate. 

    We will target any politician who sides with Adani over our future. Together we will make it politically impossible to support this mine.  

    But Adani know this election is important for them too. Their friends in the Federal Government will be noisy about their love for coal, but we have to be louder. 

    This election is an opportunity for Queensland to join the winning side of the energy boom. Coal is on the way out globally, making way for the upgrade to clean renewable energy.

    This is a national issue, and a global issue. If this mine goes ahead, the world will warm to unprecedented levels, putting our way of life at risk. Australia is already feeling the heat - more bushfires, floods, intense cyclones and heatwaves - we simply cannot afford to dig up and burn any more fossil fuels.


  • donated 2017-10-09 23:14:41 +1100

    Thank you for signing! Will you chip in $8 to stop this dodgy company from getting a billion taxpayer dollars?

    Together, we can send a loud message to our Prime Minister - that a billion taxpayer dollars shouldn't be given to this company. 

    Together, we can ramp up the pressure on PM Turnbull to stop the $1 billion handout by mobilising thousands of young people across the country to make as much noise as possible about this disastrous handout.